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Courage knows no bounds by nelena Courage knows no bounds by nelena
After getting a soft hint, that I'm not doing enough "for myself" stuff I decided to actually do something for me XD Aaaaand I terribly exaggerated by using A3 sized paper XD

But I'm happy with how this turned out :3 It's completely painted and I withstood the urge to use colored pencils on it. XD

I got inspired by the song "Courage knows no bound" from Heather Alexander which is one of my most favorite songs, so I'd love to add the text here and if you've never listened to this song I would highly recommend doing so :3

I looked across the battlefield,
Blood seeping from my wounds-
My comrades, they did never yield,
For courage knows no bounds-
And yet, I thought as I stood there,
Of all that it had cost-
For what we gained, it seemed not fair ,
For all that we had lost-

They spoke of honour, faith and pride,
defending for our home-
Through honour all my friends have died,
their faith left me alone-
We fought for greed, we fought for fame,
we killed too much to tell-
The devil and God were both the same,
we worshipped only Hell-

We fought it seemed for a thousand years,
a million nights and days-
Sharing one laugh with a hundred tears,
seeing clearly through a haze-
Then came that day I know not when,
beneath a blood red sun,
A-top a pile of dying men,
they said that we had won-

Another tract of land is all
the territory gained-
Will that ever pay for all
the lives here lost or maimed?
Bodies lying all around,
blood bathing them in red,
Their white eyes staring at the sun,
these, the countless dead?

I looked across the battlefield,
blood seeping from my wounds-
My comrades, they did never yield,
for courage knows no bounds-

"Courage knows no bounds" by Heather Alexander
SpottedNymph Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
If you don't mind me asking, was this done completely with watercolor (I know you say you used no colored pencil.) And what type of paper did you do it on?
SpottedNymph Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot believe there is so little recognition to be found in favorites or comments. The whole scene is rendered with careful detail. The background is rich with color but does not overpower the character. The perspective is neat, and everything seems to fit just right. And you've got some beautiful texture going on with the grass and rocks in the foreground. The whole piece just has a wonderful feel to it. Again, marvelous job, and I hope to be seeing more works like this from you soon! :)
Huacaya Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
Overall I really like it.

'Courage knows no bounds' sounded a bit like a typical 'fight until we die' kind of vibe but I was pleasantly surprised by the bitter-sweet message of victory that the song conveyed.

I like the monitor's head. The fur texture is amazing! His horns and large, flat head look great. I feel that too many artist get to used to drawing canine muzzles and this can leak into non canines but I don't get any sense at of that here. I also like the armour, It looks functional and protective. None of this parade ground eastern themed crap :p. He could be a bit more beat up and dirty, but now that I think about it, he does seem to be going from one battle to another, as opposed to leaving the battlefield altogether. I really like how you did the hands and feet, I know that they can be really hard to get right but they look spot on to me here. I'm not so sure about the tail, it looks a little displaced to me but that might just be me.

The size of the sword in the background and the size of the arrows embedded in his back give me the impression that he is very large, towering above normal mean. However, this conflicts with the rocks in the foreground which make him seem more man sized. Maybe I'm over analyzing it but my sense of scale feels a little off.

(shot in the back? That normally only means one thing …. I kid, I'm not getting a fleeing vibe at all).

This is all just my opinion and what I get from the picture. Overall, I think it's great!
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